A Success Playbook for Your Employment Journey




"Dana creatively and uniquely interprets the 10 Laws of Customer Success and other familiar frameworks into a well-orchestrated personal guide to landing and advancing a CS career."

Ruben Rabago


"I really like the way you frame it with the Land, Adopt, Expand, Renew. It’s nice how you juxtapose the familiar ‘Laws of Customer Success’ to that which most people are not: ‘Laws of Employment’. I LOVE this framework and see how it can help CSM’s progress in their careers. You’re a Pioneer!"

David Bibiloni

VP, Enterprise Sales

"Loved your personal story upfront. The parallel you discuss is something we are passionate about here (CS and Teammate Success)...looks great!"

Nick Mehta


Nick Mehta


"I truly understand the concept of applying CS skills to gain employment, really nice job! I was thinking about Law #9 (LAND) and that’s critical…understanding the value that’s derived from meeting those metrics is key. We may think we’re providing value but if the customer doesn’t see it that way, then it’s really not value.  Same for an employer.  You may think you’re providing value by turning in work on time, or completing everyday tasks as expected, but if you don’t dive deeper into understanding the personal and professional success drivers of your boss, the department, and the company, then you have a mismatch on what success really means, and that can make you expendable."

Lisa Hays

Sr. Client Engagement Mgr.

"I just finished reading the whole thing, wow!!! Because you aligned to something existing, CS, [your frameworks] will be even more impactful for people already in the profession. I love my section! You used my framework, tuned it to your message, and gave people an actionable way to assess and identify where they are and where they can go."

Nils Vinje

Founder, CEO

"I applaud you on how much insight you have managed to capture! I think it has the best links & material I have come across from all the learning I have taken (such as Nils’ playbooks and Allison’s messages, etc.) I also like your structure of mirroring it against the CS playbooks; makes it really relevant.  I really enjoyed reading this!"

Minna Vaisanen

Head of CS

Why write this book anyway?

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has brought on many new challenges for those of us in the job market.  Jobs have been cut, companies have downsized, and we’re all learning how to do more with less; less time, less money, less resources, the list goes on! And like many of us out there, you may be wondering about your next career steps while looking wide-eyed at a crowded pool of applicants. Where there were once 50 applicants for a customer success position, there are now 250-350 applicants for the same job!

So it sparked within me a burning question that I feel compelled to answer, "how can anyone stand out with so many people vying for the same job?  Especially those hungry to break into this coveted high-growth field of customer success without a CS title under their belt?”




Get a leg up on the competition with proven strategies--from creating a kick-ass cover letter to nailing that interview—to apply now!

“Wow” recruiters with your newly acquired CS IQ by putting key customer success principles into action.

See how three core customer success methodologies—the Journey, Handoff, and Playbook—work in tandem to achieve the goal of…

Landing Your Dream Job in Customer Success!

Get that promotion by learning to develop your own customer success strategies& tactics utilizing resources from industry-leaders in the space.

Gain a broader picture of where this field is headed and what the future might hold for you as you continue your upward trajectory.

Discover new on-demand resources that will help you level-up your customer success knowledge.

Confidently  answer  the question,  "Where  do  I  go  from  here?", to achieve the goal of…

Continuously Succeeding in Your Customer Success

What outcomes should I expect?

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