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and Creator of the C.S.A.T. Scoring Methodology

I was never built to sell. I was created to make a difference. Ten years into my sales career, I realized that the “turn ‘em and burn ‘em” mentality many employers fed me was soul crushing. It was only after doing meaningful work as a teacher abroad and making a marked difference in the field of customer success, that my success skyrocketed. Building and scaling a little-engine-that-could SaaS startup by 900% was just the beginning.

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"It is rare to meet anyone as enthusiasm for improving customer experience and making them successful as Dana. She has excellent communication skills and is able to deliver findings and recommendations in an effortless way making her easy to work with as a trusted advisor and trusted colleague."

-Claudia Belardo,

VP of Customer Success & Experience Transformation

"Dana is a superstar Customer Success (CS) professional. Smart, caring, always helping others. She is super-organized, analytical, and has strong strategic planning skills. Finally, she is absolutely pleasant to be around and extraordinary kind-hearted. A great human being!"

-Paul Zak

Founder & Chief Immersion Officer

"From the first day I met her I was impressed. While at D&B she immersed herself into learning the business, internal networks and of course, her clients. It was highly evident that she is dedicated to being successful in her role AND being seen as a trusted advisor to her clients."

-Lisa Hays

Director of Customer Success

"Dana is an incredibly detail oriented, dedicated and driven individual. Her personal, yet professional, approach to client relationships lead our SaaS startup into international markets with exponential user growth and engagement. She has an exceptional work ethic and her hands-on approach to all endeavors makes her clients, colleagues and staff confident that they are in the right hands at all times."

-Jesse Johnson

Senior Software Engineer

"Dana is the consummate professional. Her follow up is impeccable and she is able to manage complex problems with teams over multiple continents. She can overcome objections with grace and style. I was impressed with our dealings and her ability to get things done! Big vote of confidence."

-Phil Wagner

Senior Vice President

"I had the pleasure of working with Dana for 2 years while onboarding, collaborating and coordinating Omacro software within my IT enterprise systems. Dana was my liaison for aspect of the project from the very beginning. The level of efficiently she had for my account was unlike any other."

-Heather Stevenson

Project Manager, Strategic Accounts

"Dana is very personable, punctual and attentive to her customers. She has a superb work ethic and folows up to ensure customer satisfaction is accomplished, simply a pleasure to work with."

-Robert Noonan

Director of Engineering

"Dana is a great professional and very good person too. Her classes allowed me to level up my business english and I was able to be more confident with my presentations and meetings in my professional life. I really recommend her as a teacher for her dedication and preparation of the classes."

-Vicente Vallina

Head of Strategic Retail Accounts

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